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In the design process, the development of the Program – also known as the project statement – generally determines the scope of work for the project.

The Program usually derives its scope from the needs of the client, or user(s) who build upon their experience – negative and positive – from previous situations to make a new, more perfect, environment. Here, the researcher/designer can perform a literature search of recent relevant research to see if there are important issues that haven’t been raised.

Many Programs also rely on the experience of the designer or design team (hospital, school and institutional designs are good examples) to identify the salient issues. Firms who have a specialization in certain areas frequently entertain repeat performances! A researcher/designer can add to the holistic outlook by interviewing current users and staff about their experiences and expectations to help improve even the best environments.

Whenever there are needs for new, untried or under-evaluated environments, or there are new user groups, however, Program development becomes even more critical. Here, the expertise of a researcher who is knowledgeable about design can be an asset by surveying potential users about projected needs and issues.

These are all aspects that Research Based Design can contribute to your effective design environment – either in the role of researcher/designer or research consultant. We work with you to use the most effective and efficient methods and techniques to develop the scope of your Program.



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